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Nkomazi Group | Group Overview


The Nkomazi Group envisage becoming South Africa’s leading solution driven provider in all the areas where we are active.


We aim to provide highly professional service, delivery and product availability to our customers, by fulfilling their needs and expectations in the industries in which we participate and conduct our business.

Core Values & Principles

Our competitive advantage lies in our combination of skill sets, our experience in providing world class training and our passion for making a real difference in people’s lives.

Our core values and principles are:

  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Making a difference

The above reflects our attitude internally as well as externally.

We are actively committed to transformation within our industry, by assisting many small and upcoming black entrepreneurs in the Fuel and Lubricants industry.

Our assistance is not only of a financial nature but also includes training, document preparation and the availability of facilities in some instances.

Nkomazi Fuel & Oil - Matola Head Office

Social Responsibility

Nkomazi does not operate in a vacuum but forms an integral part of our various communities. The need for schooling, health and other matters is very real to us.

We are actively involved with the initiatives by Government to alleviate unemployment.

Sponsorships to schools and assistance with health issues from staff is a daily occurrence and we are probably the group with the biggest open hand policy when it comes to these matters.

Financial assistance to worthwhile causes is part of our budget.

Staff members are encouraged to become actively involved in their communities, schools and other organisations.

Environmental Responsibility

Living in a beautiful country, we are extremely aware of our responsibility in all environmental matters.

All precautions required by law has been taken and in some instances even beyond that requirement.

Obviously we have external organisations which also conduct their own audits in this regard and when necessary, we change our procedures and/or operations, immediately.

We have extensive insurance cover to allow us to deal with any problem we may encounter. This cover is monitored continuously and adjusted as required.

Precautions are applied across all divisions and any problem, however small, must be reported immediately.

We advise all customers on their responsibilities regarding the environment in this regard and if required assist with training and the layout of their facilities.

Nkomazi Fuel & Oil - Jardim

Support Structure

We are well aware that we need outside expertise to run our business professionally, profitable and within all legislative requirements.

We are proud to be partnered with:

  • Nedbank
  • FNB
  • ABSA
  • SBSA
  • Du Toit Smuts and Matthews Phosa
  • Willem Steinberg and Co
  • Total SA
  • NSP Financial Services
  • Gerard Bessenger and Associates
  • Torq Lubricants
  • Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs
  • King Pie
  • Galitos
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